Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

2025 Uganda Short-Term Missions Trip
A group of 20 are preparing to travel to Uganda, East Africa to do leadership training and eye clinics

Our team members are:
Pastor Crystal Epps (New Castle, PA)  Pastor Roy Ferguson, Sally Ferguson, Fred Harlan (New Castle, PA), Jean Long, Jon, Sandy, Keturah, Nora, and Ariana Meerdink, Jeff & Dr. Donna Morhous (Lebanon, OH) Joe & Renee Sanfilippo, Cami Schaubroeck (New Castle. PA) Carna Smith-Warner, Pastor Joseph & Claudette Smythe (Farmington, NY), Carrie & Courtney Spence

Please pray for us as we prepare.

The Church of God Road in Now Complete !

Thank you for giving to the Church of God Road project in Uganda. This project was completed in time for the 40th anniversary of the Church of God East Africa, Uganda in late October. It is a blessing, not only to the Church of God, but to the entire community that it serves! Watch the video above to see how it turned out.

Active Missionaries

Timothy and Colleen Stevenson

Tim and Colleen married in Canada and have four children; two daughters, Tiffany and Natasha. They also have two sons, Jesse and Logan.

The Stevensons went to Uganda on a two-year assignments in 1985, and have been there ever since. They currently live in Kampala, Uganda. Tim is very involved in many development projects for the Ugandan church and is a gifted builder/contractor. Colleen is serving as administrator for three large children’s aid programs, and works extensively with dozens of schools and women’s groups throughout the country. Together, their leadership has produced over 600 churches, 200 schools, and 5 medical clinics!

Stevenson's anniversary July 28
Tim's birthday June 7
Colleen's birthday July 1

 PO Box 1353
Kampala, Uganda (East Africa)

Email: nilecruider04@yahoo.com

Camille & Hoda Melki - Heart For Lebanon

Camille and Hoda Melki and family May-lee and Amy

Camille and Hoda, his wife, answered a call from God to reach out to Lebanese families that have been ravaged by war. This ministry seeks to address the social and spiritual needs of these families.

Melki's anniversary February 27
Camille's birthday September 14
Hoda's birthday September 14
May-lee's birthday January 8
Amy's birthday May 14

Email: camille.melki@heartforlebanon.org

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to Uganda, East Africa! We are currently scheduled for April of 2022.

We currently have 11 people who are committed to travel with us to Uganda for two weeks. We will conduct eye clinics, grief recovery leadership training, and pastoral leadership training. Click on the box below  if you are interested in being a part of this exciting mission.